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You can call me Jennie

I’m an executive leadership coach and doctor of industrial & organizational psychology who specializes in coaching women business owners, professionals, and executives in their mid to late careers. My clients have reached a level of financial success and are now ready to thrive professionally and personally.




1-on-1 Coaching

My primary coaching package is called The Leadership Fix and it is a coaching package split into two programs.

In the first program, leaders gain self-knowledge, deepen their ability to connect to others, and develop new habits of mind which increases their ability to be emotionally and behaviorally agile: the foundation of leadership excellence (and a thriving life).

The second program the leader applies their newly-gained knowledge, skills, and abilities to their workplace. Leaders learn their role in creating and supporting culture and how to shape it to strengthen engagement, commitment, and creativity of employees and co-workers. Leaders develop new leadership habits that better serve them and pass-on the wisdom to their teams by developing a coaching habit of their own. Learn more about my process >>


I offer a number of workshops ranging in length from an hour - perfect for lunch-n-learns - to a half-day session on topics related to mindful leadership. My workshops are as experiential as time allows because knowing is good but practicing is everything. Workshop topics include:

  • Let’s Move from Stress to Strengths

  • The How-Tos of Happiness and Why it Matters for Leadership

  • Lead with Mindfulness to Lead with Excellence


My signature speech is entitled Less Fear, More Joy and shares my journey from burnt-out business owner and disconnected wife and mother to thriving human. After a personal misfortune which led to depression, I started to practice several mindfulness techniques I’d learned years before on mindfulness retreats but never practiced at home. After practicing, I discovered a fabulous and surprising truth about humans that, as a doctor of psychology, scientist, and skeptic, I didn’t believe possible: I could let go of negative thoughts, chronic worrying, and self-limiting beliefs in order to feel less fear and more joy. In addition, I discovered that by nurturing the feeling of joy I no longer had to rely solely on discipline, willpower, and “pushing through” in order to achieve my goals and live the life I desire. This new consciousness about the human experience compelled me to integrate this learning into my work as an expert in organizational behavior and leadership.