Why clients love DR. rivlin



Change is hard, particularly career transition. That's why I'm incredibly grateful for Dr. [Jennifer] Rivlin's Leadership Coaching which lead me along a three-part journey of environmental scanning and self-assessment. From the hypothetical to the practical, Jennie helped me better understand my personal vision and how it aligns with professional success. I'm thankful for her guidance and I highly recommend her services for anyone pivoting to their next adventure and/or seeking a higher calling in their current role.



Jennie has a natural talent for nurturing business leaders. She has served as a coach and advisor to me, throughout my career. Her experience working with large organizations and global brands and then building her own global e-commerce brand, gives her invaluable insight and understanding of people and business - and people in business. She uses her extensive experience, brilliant mind, and compassionate heart to create personalized, relevant coaching experiences for her clients.



Dr. Rivlin is a gifted coach. She asks poignant probing questions to help me figure out my next move and when it's warranted, she tells me what I need to hear directly, delivered with compassion (so that I can hear it).

Her varied professional experiences — business owner, organizational psychologist, professor, corporate America — all inform her approach and style and she draws on these various expertises to help me get better faster. She is artful at pushing just hard enough to ensure I am improving.

I’ve worked with Jennie on a variety of projects — from ideation to execution — over many years. Most recently, Jennie has provided me with executive coaching as I’ve grown a non-profit into a multi-site organization with a 7-figure budget. She has been my mentor and partner. I’m so grateful for Dr. Rivlin!